Twin sisters Talia and Alissa are identical in every way. They look alike, they sound alike, they share the same mannerisms – and they share the same addiction to drugs.

After being in and out of rehab and treatment centers more than 80 times each, Talia and Alissa, along with their parents and three younger sisters, come to Dr. Phil searching for one last chance to get the twins clean – and save their lives.

“Everybody says to let them go, but I can’t,” the twins’ mother, Renee, cries on Thursday’s Dr. Phil.

Before meeting with Dr. Phil, Talia and Alissa, who are 21, allowed cameras to follow them in their nightly routine, which includes searching for drugs – and within 22 minutes of meeting up at 10pm, the sisters shot up four times.

“Five minutes ago, I felt really sick and uncomfortable and my legs hurt. I didn’t even want to look at her until she gave me my [drugs]. Now, I’m like happy to be next to her,” Talia says of Alissa, after Talia injects herself with heroin.

“This is like the typical life,” she adds. “We’re always waiting for the next shot.”

Alissa – who her mother describes as the “ringleader” – says she gave Talia her first injection.

“I talked her into it. I feel so guilty,” Alissa says, after getting high.

“Nothing can stop us from getting high, ever,” Talia adds. “I’m addicted to the needle.”

Watch the video above as Talia and Alissa discuss their nightly search for drugs.