When Dr. Phil met 16-year-old identical twins Taylor and Tricia, they weighed less than 80 lbs. each.

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The girls’ parents, Robert and Vicky blamed one another for their daughters’ eating disorders and both said they feared the twins had only months to live without Dr. Phil’s help.

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Today, Taylor and Tricia have each gained over 40 lbs. and are back to share their journey in recovery from anorexia and bulimia.

“We’re doing great,” says Tricia.

“We feel wonderful,” Taylor says.

The sisters agree that the hardest part of their early days in recovery, was being separated from each other.

When asked what advice she has for others who may be struggling with an eating disorder, Taylor says, “Never lose hope in yourself. No matter how many times you fail, there’s always another chance to go at it again.”

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