Jennifer says she’s a victim of medical gaslighting. She says she was diagnosed with chronic migraines when she was 25, but during the five years that followed, she was getting “more and more weird neurological symptoms.”
“Every time I said there might be something other than migraine, I started to notice how much I kept getting sent to psychology, and they didn’t really seem to actually listen to my symptoms,” Jennifer says. “Over time, if enough doctors tell you that you’re crazy, you believe it.”

In the video above, Jennifer shares how she finally received a diagnosis after visiting 30 doctors. Plus, hear from Dr. Julie Taylor, who initially trained in primary care but became disillusioned with the system and is now a preventative and functional medicine doctor and says gaslighting is real.
On Wednesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, “Medical Gaslighting: It’s Not All in Your Head,” hear from a woman who says she was told to drink soup and listen to calming music to help symptoms. Plus, hear why a 27-year-old competitive runner needed to use a wheelchair and have open heart surgery. Check local listings to see where you can watch.

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