Alyssa and her brother Ryan appeared on Dr. Phil a year ago, and she and her family claimed Ryan was terrorizing them with his out-of-control rages fueled by alcohol and marijuana. Ryan agreed to enter treatment, and says his life and behavior are better. 

“My brother Ryan is still a monster,” Alyssa says on Monday’s episode of Dr. Phil. She claims Ryan is once again addicted to marijuana – and gets “really mad” if he doesn’t get it. “Ryan definitely still has that anger in him. He gets frustrated really fast. He does break things.”

How does Alyssa respond when Dr. Phil asks her why she smokes marijuana with her brother? Watch in the video above.

On Monday, Dr. Phil shares insight – and support – as Ryan continues on his journey. Check local listings to see where you can tune in to "'Where Are They Now? You Asked, We Answer!'"

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