Nels and Christi say they came to Dr. Phil for help with their daughter, Nicole’s, drinking. The 27-year-old admits she has a problem with alcohol, has been hospitalized with alcohol poisoning multiple times, and often drinks until she blacks out.

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Nicole says she knows her alcoholism is a “life or death situation,” but the morning she was due to meet with Dr. Phil, she left the hotel and was later found intoxicated at home.

Still under the influence, she was brought back to see Dr. Phil; but refused to come out on stage. In the video above he visits with Nicole backstage.

“I know it’s pretty inevitable that if I don’t stop, I will die,” says Nicole. Continuing, she says, “I’ve been on Death’s door for a long time now, and I’m pretty self-destructive.”

When Dr. Phil refers her to the dual diagnostic and treatment program at Creative Care, does Nicole accept the offer of help?

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