At 21, Hannah says she has spent three out of the past four years in jail and has a criminal record that includes stealing and crashing a car, drug possession and resisting arrest.

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Her parents, Jacquelyn and Jody, say Hannah used to be the “perfect” daughter, but she started getting into trouble around age 15, and now they won’t allow her in their home.

“She blames me for all the problems in her life,” says Jacquelyn.

“If I was to give my mom a letter grade for being a parent, I would give her a D+,” says Hannah, claiming she was just 16 when Jacquelyn “Threw me out on the street and let me raise myself.”

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“We’re here because we need to figure out how to put this back together, says Jacquelyn on Thursday’s episode.

“I think she’s very lost,” says Hannah’s older sister, Kayla. Why does Kayla say she feels Dr. Phil is Hannah’s “last chance for help”?

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