Fourteen-year-old Gabrielle has been living with her mother, Kaylie, who says she’s allowed the teen to smoke, use marijuana, drop out of school, and have sex. Her father, CJ, who has primary custody of Gabrielle, says he objects to Kaylie’s lifestyle and lenient parenting methods, but admits, he sent his daughter to live with her, knowing what she would be exposed to.

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Gabrielle claims she’s mature enough to handle sex, loves living with her mom, and doesn’t see why that has to change.

CJ and Kaylie have been informed they're breaking the law by allowing their daughter to engage in these activities.

Dr. Phil refers Gabrielle to Turn-About Ranch for teens and tells the parents what they’ll need to do to avoid having her permanently removed from their care.

Gabrielle objects to leaving, but her parents say they’ve decided it’s best.

Saying goodbye to his daughter as she’s about to leave for the Utah-based residential treatment facility he says, “I want her to be healthy. I want her to be happy.”

He continues, “If it helps my daughter, then God bless.”

The conclusion of this two-part Dr. Phil airs Wednesday. Check your local listing here.

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