Kristen’s mom Terese, and her sister, Dani, both claim she’s addicted to alcohol. Dani says Kristen has become “an out of control drunk,” asserting “she is no longer the amazing sister I looked up to.”

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Dani claims Kristen hallucinates when she drinks, tells people she sees ghosts, and sometimes becomes violent. “One time she chased a friend around the house with a knife because she was hallucinating people trying to get into the house,” says Dani.

Terese says Kristen started drinking as a teenager and had three DUIs before she turned 21. Now 32, Kristen acknowledges she lost her license after hitting a parked car two years ago. Dani claims that after the crash, Kristen called her trying to convince her to take the blame.

“I want the Kristen that I knew growing up back, says Dani, who states she hasn’t seen her sister in over a year. “If something isn’t done – she’s going to end up dead.”

When Kristen is a no-show for her interview with Dr. Phil, how does he respond when it’s revealed that Dani almost didn’t appear on the program either?

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