Kelly says she’s convinced that her mother, Terrie, molested her daughter, Terrie’s granddaughter. She claims that not only did Terrie molest the 5-year-old, but that Terrie molested Kelly and her sister, as well as other children. Terrie insists the allegations are completely untrue and that she has never molested anybody.

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At the time that Kelly claimed the molestation occurred, she and her daughter were living with Terrie – and Kelly admits she did not move out – she only left when Terrie kicked her out of her home.

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“Whenever I’ve seen a mother who truly believes a predator has set up on their child, they take that child away from that predator right now. If they have to live in a box under a bridge, they take that child away from that predator right now,” Dr. Phil says to Kelly. “One of two things happened: you either didn’t believe it and you’re just saying you did, or you did believe it and you are a criminally negligent mother.”

As Kelly tries to explain her thinking, Dr. Phil presses her for the truth. Watch their exchange in the video above.

On Monday’s episode, the Medical Director for the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services weighs in with his thoughts about Kelly’s fitness as a parent. Check here to see where you can watch.

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