Shelly says her son, John, has a gambling addiction which has left him down $60,000. She says she and her husband allow John to live rent-free in their basement, they provide him with food, Shelly does his laundry and her husband gives him money. Shelly also says her son treats her like “the bitch of the house.”

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“We just make life a little too easy for him,” Shelly admits.

WATCH: 25-Year-Old Father Of Three Addicted To Gambling, Down $60,000, Steals From Family

Concerned about John’s behavior – and Shelly’s enabling – Shelly’s sister, Lori, wrote to Dr. Phil for help. On Tuesday’s episode, Dr. Phil tells the family, “This is an intervention,” and it will only work if everyone is on board. He also introduces Coach Mike Bayer, Dr. Phil Advisory Board member, author of Best Self: Be You, Only Better, and life coach who focuses on helping clients break free of destructive patterns in their lives that aren’t yielding the results they want.

“If you cannot follow my plan, my program, then you just shouldn’t be here,” he says to Shelly.

Is Shelly ready to stop enabling her son? See her response in the video above.

And on Tuesday, hear from John. Why does he say he continues to gamble? Check here to see where you can watch.

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25-Year-Old Admits His Gambling Is 'Completely Out Of Control'