Nineteen-year-old Kalli readily admits she’s a sugar baby, but says in her mind, “it’s just really not that big of a deal.” “If you think I’m a prostitute I’m not, because I am still very selective about the sugar daddies that I choose.” Kalli says that, unlike a prostitute, what she does is “not just (like) a random hookup with a stranger.”

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Kalli says she plays it safe, always meeting the men she dates in public first – “usually for coffee, dinner or lunch.” She says she’s only been scared once while on a date. “I got these really weird vibes from him, so I just took off.”

She does admit to sleeping with some of the sugar daddies she dates, but again, claims she is “super safe” when it comes to having sex, and always uses protection.

Kalli says she used to earn just $8 per hour working at a local gym and a claim being a sugar baby is a “very lucrative” alternative. “The way I look at it, everyone has to do things that they don’t like at their job, but being a sugar baby - it’s working for me.”

Kalli’s family says they’re afraid for her safety and want her to stop what she’s doing. Will she listen to them? Tune in toThursday’s Dr. Phil.

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