In 2013, Minny, her husband Lon, and Minny’s oldest son, Andrue, appeared on Dr. Phil after Minny accused Andrue’s birth father, David, of kidnapping him. The (then) 17-year-old said he willingly went to live with his father after attempting suicide because he claimed his home life with Minny and Lon was “abusive.”


In 2014, after an investigation by DHS (Department of Human Services) in which Andrue said he testified against them, Minny and Lon said their three young children were removed from their home and put into foster care. They came back to see Dr. Phil to find out how they might bring their children home.

Since their last appearance, Minny and Lon have divorced. Minny claims all of her children with Lon have severe behavioral issues, which she says she’s learning to manage. She says she successfully brought her 11-year-old home and is currently working to bring the other two home as well.

Now 20, Andrue says he’s trying to gain guardianship of his younger siblings. When he says, “I’ll do whatever it takes to raise these children,” how does Minny respond? This episode of Dr. Phil airs Wednesday.

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