“My mom is very untrustworthy,” says Kristin who claims her mother, Marna, is a pathological liar, who has made up stories about everything from having a fake job - to having multiple cancers.

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She claims her mom recently told her she quit her job with a volunteer organization because she was “sick of working there.” Later, Kristin says, she found out the real reason Marna wasn’t employed anymore: “Not only was she fired – but I’ve heard that she was stealing money from people at that facility and is under investigation.” Marna admits that she is being investigated in connection with missing money.

Kristin says this isn’t the first time Marna has been investigated. “I’ll never forget the day I found out my mother was going to prison.” She says she was in the third grade when Marna was sent away.

Marna was convicted of 4 counts felony 4th-degree grand theft (over $500) for embezzling from the travel agency she’d worked for at the time. “I miss-used their corporate credit card for personal travel and for family travel,” she allows. She served one year of a five-year sentence.

Kristin says the experience was extremely traumatizing for her. “Being so young, I was hoping that nobody would find out that she was in prison – but I had people making fun of me at school. I was completely embarrassed.”

Apart from any criminal activities, Kristin also accuses her mom of being an attention-seeking alcoholic, whose drunken behaviors ruined her childhood. When she’s presented with video evidence of some of those behaviors, Marna says, “You’re seeing through me - I get it.”

On Friday’s Dr. Phil Marna comes clean with her daughter – and the man she calls her fiancé, about other things she says she’s kept hidden from them.

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