Lisa says she developed a dependency on prescription pain killers over 20 years ago, and then switched to alcohol when getting pills became too difficult. She claims she didn’t start drinking “heavily” until three years ago when she was going through a divorce.

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“I drink two fifths of hundred-proof vodka every day,” she admits.

Lisa says that on some days she decides to quit drinking, but then has “massive” withdrawals. “I start throwing up blood, I can’t walk, I crawl, I just get lonely, and sad, and then I go back to drinking.”

Acknowledging she recently received her third DUI, Lisa says that when she does drink and drive – she’s usually just going to get more alcohol.

“I’m a really good drunk driver. I take extra care and precaution that I don’t hit other people. I wouldn’t say that I’m very drunk because I know that I’m driving, and I can stay on the road,” she claims.

On Friday’s episode Lisa’s daughter, Misti, says she believes “it's a matter of time” before her mother “kills herself or somebody else.”

Watch the video above to hear why Lisa says her daughter and son-in-law are trying to make her “look like a piece of trash.”

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