Katrina says that her mother, Monica, behaves more like an out-of-control 15-year-old than the parent of four children. She claims that Monica has a terrible temper, and uses racial slurs against her biracial kids. Katrina’s younger sister, Adrianna, agrees and claims that Monica is manipulative and has an explosive temper.

“I’m not evil toward my children,” says Monica, who adamantly denies her daughters’ claims.

“I’m a very protective mother, and because I am protective and I do defend my kids, sometimes, it gets thrown in my face,” she continues, claiming that Katrina and Adrianna are “ganging up” on her and that she feels like she’s being “blindsided.”

When Dr. Phil asks, “Is there a problem between you and your children?” what is Monica’s response?

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WATCH: Mom Denies Daughters’ Claims That She’s Manipulative, Explosive, And Uses Racial Slurs Against Them

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