Jane’s Aunt Patty says she believes that Jane’s online boyfriend, “Jonathan,” is a “classic scammer” who has conned Jane out of thousands of dollars. She says she has tried to talk to her niece about “Jonathan,” but Jane refuses to listen.

“I’m concerned about her emotional state also. Her heart being taken advantage of as well,” says Patty.

Jane admits to sending “Jonathan” nearly $1 million over the last 18-months, despite never having met him face-to-face. She says nearly everyone in her life believes that “Jonathan” is a scammer, but she doesn’t want to hear it anymore.

In part one of this two-part Dr. Phil, “'I Sold My House for Online Love!',” airing Monday, Patty says she hopes Dr. Phil can give Jane a “serious wake-up call” and get her to stop sending money to “Jonathan.” Tune in to Tuesday’s conclusion, “Part Two: Where is ‘Jonathan’ ?,” to see whether Jane believes the evidence he shows her.

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