Brandi says she agreed to be a guest on Dr. Phil because she wants help winning back her ex-husband, Victor. After 16 years of marriage, the former couple recently finalized their divorce.

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Victor claims Brandi is a “raging alcoholic.” He says he’s spent thousands of dollars bailing Brandi out of trouble over the years, and no longer trusts her.

“I have drained my retirement fund, I’ve lost a home, three cars, I have to pay $500 a month to my company to pay them back for a loan,” he says. “I’m done.”

Victor also claims that Brandi’s abusive behaviors while drinking have had a negative impact on their 11-year-old son. What advice does Dr. Phil offer the former couple about how to move forward raising their child?

The conclusion of this two-part Dr. Phil airs Thursday. Find your local listing here. 

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