“I’m drop dead gorgeous and a great singer and dancer,” claims Sexy Vegan, who says he aspires to star in his own reality show, and eventually parlay that into a high-ranking government position. “Either first American King or President,” he says.

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Named Hans at birth, the 35-year-old says he grew up in Illinois, then moved to Hollywood in 2016, acquiring several tattoos, and legally changing his name.

“When I go out everyone stares at me because I wear a Speedo-esque outfit and I’m exotic like a Lamborghini SV,” he says.

Sexy acknowledges he regularly gets kicked out of stores and has been arrested multiple times since moving to California. “This last summer I was arrested for a criminal threat. I ended up doing six months for that.”

Admitting that his mother, Susan, has paid all his legal fees, Sexy claims she doesn’t believe in him. “My mom wants me to conform to society and be normal, working 9 to 5 and wearing a suit and that’s just not me.”

Susan says she’s concerned about her son and also tired of him using her as his “personal bank.” Does she say she believes she’s enabled his behaviors?

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