When Eric embarked on a cross-country bicycle trip in 2016, he was 560 lbs. and had recently separated from his wife, Angie. Eric says the purpose of the trip was to lose weight, write a book, and win back Angie’s love.

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Three weeks into his journey, Angie returned to Eric and joined him on the road. Then, says Eric, extreme temperatures, inexperience, health problems, and depression got in the way.

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“It was just a bad combination. I did my best, but I just didn’t do good enough,” he says.

Eric successfully completed approximately 1,600 miles before he was forced to quit his cross-country odyssey. Today, he says he weighs nearly 700 lbs. and has multiple health issues. “I’m going to end up alone again,” says Angie, who was a widow when she met Eric and worries that he is going to die.

Eric insists he is desperate to take off the excess weight. What does he say is holding him back? Check here to find out where you can watch Thursday’s Dr. Phil.

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