Bree says her 11-year-old son, JJ’s, behavior is out of control. She says he’s violent, has threatened her with a knife, destroys the house, gets in trouble in school, and posted a picture of himself with a gun smoking marijuana. 

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JJ’s aunt, Madison, says she’s worried her nephew is “on the fast track to the street life” like his father, who was killed by police. “Anybody who grows up in addiction and violence in the home is going to have issues, but his issues are uncontrollable,” she says to Dr. Phil, adding that she has been sober for two years, and Bree has been sober one year.
“You need to make a serious decision before you speak another word here, because nothing short of the unvarnished truth is going to give us what we need to turn this situation around,” Dr. Phil says to Bree.

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Watch the video above to hear his pivotal question for Bree. And, hear why Dr. Phil tells Bree, “I’m going to understand that there’s a plan here, or this child is not going home with you.”
On Tuesday, meet JJ. What does he say he wants from his life? Check here to see where you can watch.