After reaching 450 lbs. by age 40, Debbie says she spent nearly a dozen years missing out on life because she felt embarrassed by the way she looked, and the fear that others would make fun of her. Now, two years after undergoing gastric sleeve surgery, and having shed 300 lbs., Debbie says she still hasn’t adjusted.

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“I’m not used to who I see in the mirror. I look in the mirror, and I go back five minutes later, and I look again, and I’m having trouble connecting with who I am now,” she says.

Debbie’s fiancé, James, says he loves the changes he sees in her. However, he says other men are noticing her as well. James claims Debbie is just a little “naïve” about that.

“Well, I’m not jealous, you know. Can’t be with a guy running around all mad all the time,” he says. “But she needs to understand; they’re just not wanting to be her friend.”

Debbie, who travels with James on his job as a truck driver, says, “I’m not used to people taking things that I say the wrong way. And if I say something, he’ll say - something like – ‘yeah, well, you know, you don’t realize how they’re taking it, Deb.’” She claims that James wants to “dominate” their relationship.

What is James’ response when Dr. Phil asks, “She says that there are times when you’ll say that she is fat, flabby, and you’re just not into her?”

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