Brinley says she is blamed for most of her family’s problems. The 15-year-old admits she vapes, smokes pot, and runs away – but she says she’s not the main problem in her house. She says her stepfather, Jonah, drinks and uses drugs to excess – and her mom keeps taking him back.

“She tells me she likes the sober him,” Brinley tells Dr. Phil about why her mom, Cassie, keeps allowing her stepfather back into their home. “But when is he ever sober anymore?”

The teen says that she has taken on the role of helping to parent her younger siblings and tries to keep them away from her mom and Jonah’s arguing, that her older brother left, and that her friends are afraid to come over to her house.

“I’m here to fight for you, not with you,” Dr. Phil assures Brinley.

Hear more of what Brinley says her life is like in the video above.

On Friday’s episode, "Fractured Family Fall Out!" hear why Cassie says Brinley’s behavior is out of control and causing problems in their family. And, how does Cassie explain leaving her children in the care of Jonah? Then, on Monday, will Cassie choose her husband or her children? Check local listings to see where you can tune in.

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