Donna claims that her older daughter, Brittany, is a “ticking time-bomb” who rages at and threatens the entire household, which Brittany vehemently denies.

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Donna’s younger daughter, Briana, claims that Brittany has an “explosive” personality, is hard to get along with, and that she tries to avoid her “at all costs.”

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“If you don’t walk away from her, she’ll talk about how she’s going to punch you, stab you – she’ll go to jail because she’s going to hurt you,” says Briana.

“I’m innocent. I’m an angel. I’m a saint,” says Brittany in the video above. She categorically denies Briana’s claims.

When Briana claims that Brittany likes others to fear her, and sometimes tells people that she’s connected to the Mafia, how does Brittany respond?

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