Heather is a nurse who is addicted to prescription medications. She admits to injecting drugs up to five times a day, and that she has stolen drugs from the hospitals she has worked in.

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Heather says that one of her reasons for abusing the medications is because her husband of nine years, John, drinks to excess and has been abusive toward her. John, on the other hand, says he only drinks because Heather is verbally and physically abusive toward him, and he is tired of babysitting her when she’s high.

“What do you want to do here?” Dr. Phil asks Heather.

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“I would like to save my marriage, if it’s something that you think is salvageable,” she says.

“You’re talking about, ‘Do I save my marriage? Do I not save my marriage?’ That doesn’t even make the short list with me,” Dr. Phil tells her. “I’m interested in saving your life.”

In the video above from Tuesday’s episode, Dr. Phil tells Heather the steps he believes she needs to take if she wants to get her life back on track. Is she willing to change?

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