Sara says her mother, Chris, was Baker Acted in August 2020 after a months-long political obsession escalated, leading Chris to disappear into the woods for two days.

Chris, who disputes the diagnosis she received while under observation, insists she’s “not crazy” and that her hospitalization was unwarranted.

Dr. Phil refers Chris to Dr. Daniel Amen, a psychiatrist, and Founder and CEO of Amen Clinics, to determine what’s going on with her brain health.

Following a specialized brain scan, Dr. Amen tells Chris that, overall, her brain health is “awesome,” but that her anxiety centers are “on fire” and need to be calmed down.

“I’m just so grateful that we had this opportunity,” says Chris.

Watch the video above to hear more from Dr. Amen about the treatment he proposes to help Chris.

This episode of Dr. Phil, “’Something is Seriously Wrong with My Mother’,” airs Tuesday.

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