Karen says she is in love with “Thomas,” who she says she has texted and talked to but has never video chatted with or met in person. “Thomas,” who has received around $10,000 from Karen, claims to be a successful oil rig engineer who is stuck in the Gulf of Mexico. Karen’s daughter, Mindy, claims that “Thomas” is a catfish, but Karen insists that “Thomas” is real despite Mindy’s efforts to prove otherwise.

Having shown Karen that the photographs “Thomas” sent to her have been digitally altered, Dr. Phil introduces Karen to K.D., who is the real-life person whose images were stolen from social media and used to trick Karen into believing that “Thomas” is an actual person.

“It hurts,” says Karen, realizing that K.D. isn’t the person she’s been communicating with. “I’m so happy to see him – but it’s not him.”

“I’m just so sorry that somebody would do that to somebody,” says K.D., who states he had no idea his photographs had been stolen until Dr. Phil’s fans helped producers to track him down online. “It’s just cruel.”

Watch the video above to see the interaction between Karen and K.D., then tune in to the conclusion of this two-part episode, “Karen’s Catfish: Will She Believe the Truth,” airing Wednesday.

And later, when Karen talks to Tom - the man whose name and personal details were stolen and used by the catfish she knows as “Thomas,” how does she respond?

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