Michele says she had no idea she’d still be supporting her daughter, Stephanie, nearly a decade after she dropped out of college. But with two DUI’s, three car crashes, a suspended license and multiple stints in rehab, she claims the 32-year-old can neither drive nor hold a job because of her drinking.

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Claiming that since Stephanie dropped out of school she has spent more than $300,000 taking care of her, Michele says, “She stays in my house; I pay for her food, her medical care and all of her clothing. I even paid to have her hair done. I’m just the idiot that pays the bills.”

“She’s constantly playing the martyr,” says Stephanie.

“Sure, there’s issues with me drinking a box of wine a day,” she continues, “But my mom needs to take responsibility for her shortcomings. I feel like my mom needs to stop being so over-dramatic.”

Stephanie says that even though her mother mostly pays for everything, including the boxed wine she drinks daily, she’s just too overbearing and suffocating.

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“I feel like the root of the problem is the toxic relationship with my mom,” she says, adding, “I act out and I drink more.”

Does Dr. Phil have a plan to help Stephanie and Michele resolve their differences?

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