Danielle says when she gets mad she rages. “Nobody can recognize me. I can’t even recognize myself.”

“I’m like a demon,” she says.

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Her father, David, claims Danielle, is “a ticking time bomb,” who is hurtful, mean, unpredictable. He says her anger began in childhood, about the time he divorced Danielle’s mother.

Now 21, Danielle lives in her father’s home, where he says she’s expected to follow his rules.

“No sleepovers with boyfriends. Clean your room. Pick up after yourself. Assist with daily chores of the home,” says David, who is an ex-Marine.

He also says there’s a GPS app on Danielle’s phone, which he expects to be on at all times; but Danielle doesn’t always comply. “Danielle likes to try to use the excuse, ‘Dad, I’m an adult. Why do you treat me like a 12-year-old?’ And I simply respond, ‘Stop acting like a 12-year-old, and I’ll treat you like an adult.’”

Danielle says the rules don’t matter to her. “When somebody tries to tell me what I should be doing, it’s like I’ll live my life however the hell I want to. No one’s going to stop me,” she says.

Danielle says her rages have become worse over time, and she often feels that she can’t control herself. She also admits to sometimes self-harming.

How does Dr. Phil respond when Danielle says, “Apparently, nobody knows anything when it comes to helping me.”

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