BeVee and Steve say their daughter, Taylor, has been diagnosed with ADHD and emotional issues, and that they’ve called the police twice on the 15-year-old due to her raging and physical attacks on BeVee.

TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Have a Volatile Teen, Parent or Sibling? “I’m lost,” says Steve who acknowledges he’s had to physically restrain Taylor to stop her from hitting her mother. “It’s got to get better than this,” he adds.

WATCH Parents Say Teenager Rages When ‘Triggered’

The couple says Taylor has been on medication since she was 8, and BeVee says she takes Taylor to see doctors at least twice a month, but the teenager’s behaviors are getting worse.

Watch the video above to hear how the couple responds when Dr. Phil asks them, “What would you say if I told you that I believe this doesn’t have to be this way and can change – dramatically – in a short period of time?”

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‘I Don’t Have Control Over What I’m Doing,’ Claims Teen Who Rages