“I’m no Brad Pit, but some women find me at least semi-attractive,” says Noel, who describes himself as fit and thin with a passion for cars. Noel is semi-retired and works in biotechnology.

Noel says he’s divorced and looking for his “soulmate” but doesn’t mind “having some fun in the meantime.”

Noel is one of three men selected by the California-based matchmaking organization Perfect 12 Introductions to meet Lydia. She’s a recently widowed 80-year-old who says she misses her husband but is ready to date again.

Do Lydia and Noel hit it off? Watch the video above to see how their date went.

And later, Lydia reunites with all three of her dates on the Dr. Phil stage. Which one does she say she’d like to go out with again? Tune in to Friday’s episode, “Old, Bold, and Breaking the Mold,” to find out!

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WATCH: 82-Year-Old Declares Date On Gondola With 80-Year-Old Widow ‘Fantastic’