Anthony, “The Mooch,” Scaramucci became a household name last year when President Trump named him the White House Communications Director. But after 11 days on the job, Scaramucci was fired, leaving him “bummed out about the whole situation.”

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“I’m waking up on the twelfth day to full-blown humiliation,” Scaramucci says on Tuesday’s episode of Dr. Phil. “I’m on 45 newspapers internationally. I’m lit up on all the national news, the international news and the cable channels. Man, they’re relentless.”

A phone call on which Scaramucci ranted about White House Chief of Staff at the time Reince Priebus and made vulgar comments about White House Chief Strategist at the time Steve Bannon led to his firing. However, Scaramucci says he is an honest guy who calls it like he sees it.

WATCH: Former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci Opens Up About His Time In The White House

“I’m not a backstabber; I’m a frontstabber. I’m going to tell you directly to your face what I think. And I was very honest about what I thought was going on inside the White House,” Scaramucci continues. “You can’t really have any regrets, because the President asked you to come in there and eliminate the leakers. I mean, I knocked four of the biggest leakers out of the White House.”

Does Scaramucci regret what he said on the infamous phone call? And, how does he respond when people call him a failure? Watch more in the video above. And on Tuesday’s episode, hear how Scaramucci says his time in the White House affected his message, and hear from his wife, Deidre, who speaks out for the first time. Check here to see where you can watch.

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