From buying unclaimed storage containers to dumpster diving, Kristen says she cannot give up an opportunity to collect something that’s a good deal. So much so that she has 30,000 T-shirts, 500 pairs of shoes, 300 outfits for her dog, and boxes of stuff filling up her home and a new one she recently purchased.
“I would absolutely call the stuff that I own my friend,” Kristen says. “I’m not crazy, but my physical items are closer to me than actual people.”

Kristen says she feels like she rescues items when she purchases them. “When I don’t get the feelings of love and support from individual people in my life, I absolutely will go to the closest thrift store,” she says. “The moment that I walk in the door, I feel loved. I feel embraced, and I’m going home with something.”
Does Kristen believe her relationship with objects is odd? And, does she ever feel lonely? See what she tells Dr. Phil in the video above.
Why does Kristen say she has a hard time parting with things? And, what may be driving her behavior? Find out on Thursday’s episode, "'The Happy Hoarder.'" Check local listings to see where you can watch.

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