Twenty-three-year-old Taylor claims her mother, Michelle, is a recovering alcoholic whose drinking behaviors ruined her childhood. She also says Michelle hasn’t equipped her with the life skills she needs to be an adult.

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Michelle, who says she’s been sober for several years, admits she drank a lot when Taylor was growing up but says “a few incidents” didn’t make up her daughter’s entire childhood.

“I’m not excusing my behavior and I know that it has done some damage to her; but, I mean, I’ve been trying to make it up for seven years now.”

Michelle says she gives Taylor everything she wants, “I’m? just trying everything to make her love me because I know that it must have been hard living with an alcoholic.”

How does Michelle respond when Dr. Phil asks her, “So you’re parenting from guilt?” This episode airs Thursday.

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‘I Have Been Spoon-Fed And Babied By Her,’ Says Daughter Who Claims Mom Failed To Teach Her Any Life Skills

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