Jessy says that she made nearly a half-million dollars in three years from her 132,000 social media followers -- but that she was robbed of that in a flash when her Instagram account was deactivated. She says she filmed her “meltdown” and posted it, and the video went viral.

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Dr. Phil questions the 21-year-old about some of the statements she made in the “meltdown” video, including that she is “nothing” without her following. In the video above, she explains her statements, and how her follower numbers also affect her daily life.

WATCH: ‘I’m Nothing Without My Following,’ 21-Year-Old Says In Viral ‘Meltdown’ Video
On Thursday’s episode, see what Jessy posts to her social media accounts that helps her earn “likes” and views. And, former Dr. Phil guest Ava returns and admits that when she appeared on Dr. Phil, she put on an act to gain followers. Did she change her behavior? And, will Jessy take her advice? Check here to see where you can watch.