Kyle claims that as a private donor, he has fathered 40 children – with 38 different women – and that there are 11 more babies on the way. He says he lives to help women and couples in need by spreading his “good genes.”

Kyle claims his success rate is better than most fertility clinics and that his knowledge of fertility issues is greater than doctors who work in the field. “I know what supplements to take, what lifestyle choices to do. I know pretty much way more than any doctor does,” he says. Kyle clarifies that while he may not have the training or education that a fertility doctor has, he has experience and has researched the subject of fertility.

“I would say I’m probably the number one fertility expert in the entire world,” Kyle continues, “and I can say that confidently because I actually do get these women pregnant.”

Not everyone agrees with what Kyle is doing – or how he’s doing it. Tune in to Thursday’s episode of Dr. Phil, “30 with 40 Kids – I’m a ‘Fertility Expert!’” to hear why a board-certified reproductive endocrinologist says Kyle should probably stop being a donor.

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