Jerica says it was the best day of her life when her ex-husband, Kody, and his new wife, Kim, invited her to reconnect with her 8-year-old son. She says she’s a recovering drug addict, and claims her parental rights were terminated four years ago, without her knowledge. Kim became the boy’s adopted mother.

In the video above, Jerica says she learned her son had been having some serious behavioral issues when Kim contacted her and told her he was out of control - “She said he was too much for her, and she couldn’t take him anymore; and he was psychotic – and he was going to kill their child.” She says Kim and Kody dropped the child off at her door.

Kim says she and Kody sent the boy to a psychiatric treatment center for six months after she claims he started hurting his baby brother. Kim says Child Protective Services got involved after the older boy bit and pinched the younger child. “They said if he got hurt again they were going to take the 21-month-old out of the house.”

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She says after three days of trying to figure out what to do – she sent the boy to stay with Jerica because she didn’t have anyone else to take him. “I’m really in over my head here.”

What does the child have to say about his adoptive mom? Tune in to Thursday’s Dr. Phil. Click here to check local listings.

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