David, who goes by the name 2B, admits that he abuses drugs. The former rising rock musician says what started out as having fun and partying, has now become an addiction. He also admits that he has manipulated, lied to and stolen from his mom, half-sister and girlfriend.

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“I’m sorry, y’all. I’m sick,” he says to his loved ones on Wednesday’s episode of Dr. Phil.

In the video above, Dr. Phil asks 2B about his relationship with his 15-month-old son, whom he sees a few times a week. And, he has some strong words for 2B.

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On Wednesday, 2B is offered a chance to change his life. Will he accept? Check here to see where you can watch.

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'You've Got People Littering Your Background And History Who Love You More Than You Deserve,' Dr. Phil Tells Guest