Theresa claims her daughter, Tessa, is manipulative and out of control.

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She claims the 16-year-old has physically attacked family members including her grandmother, Bonnie, and her own twin brother.  

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Tessa says her mother has always chosen the men in her life over her, claiming that Theresa has sent her away to foster care, to live with her grandmother, Bonnie, and to a homeless shelter.  She says she left home in July after Theresa rented out her bedroom. “I think you completely failed me as a mother,” she tells Theresa.

Tessa says she feels hurt and abandoned by her mom. She claims that Theresa has always “catered” to her twin brother, Tyler, and treated him better than she has treated her.

“I’m the twin in the bin,” she says, adding, “I’m just thrown out because he’s the better one.” 

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Tessa claims Theresa uses physical force to restrain her, to which Theresa replies, “That’s because you’re out of control.”

When Dr. Phil asks Theresa, “Would you agree that what you’re doing isn’t working,” what is her response?

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