Nineteen-year-old Kalli was an A-student and star athlete with a basketball scholarship to attend college, where she studies broadcast journalism. Kalli says after a few semesters at school she started partying. But that’s not all. Several months ago, she openly admitted to her family that she’s now what she calls a “sugar baby.” Kalli acknowledges accepting money and gifts from men in exchange for her time.

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“I’m an attractive young lady, so I’m using what I have to my advantage,” says Kalli, in the video above. “If people are willing to pay to spend time with them – plus I get a free meal – I’m going to do it.”

“She told me about one guy she met who gave her $200 for just having lunch with him,” says Kalli’s sister, Taylor. She claims Kalli is a “different person” since becoming a “sugar baby.” “Her grades have dropped – she skips a lot of classes …”

Kalli says she quit playing college basketball, claiming “It was just too demanding,” and admits she “smokes weed” nearly every day.

“I feel heartbroken - sick to my stomach,” says Kalli’s mom, Michelle. “I don’t think Kalli realizes the danger. She could be raped. She could be killed. She could be kidnapped. My fear is, when she leaves for the night - that could be the last time that I see her. ” Kalli’s sister, Jasmine, died two years ago, from a drug overdose.

Michelle also says she wonders if her daughter is sleeping with the guys she meets through the sugar baby profile she set up through a phone app. Kalli admits to having sex with some of the men she has met through the app, but adamantly denies being a prostitute. She says her mom and sister are “overreacting.”

Is Kalli throwing her future away? Tune in to Thursday’s Dr. Phil.

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