Maddie’s family says she can’t climb a flight of steps without getting out of breath, passes out in the shower, sleeps all day, and is in and out of the hospital every other month for dehydration.

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They say she has anorexia and her mother says she “doesn’t seem to care whether she lives or dies.”

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Maddie admits she has anxiety and depression and has an “unhealthy” relationship with food. And though the 18-year-old says it’s her goal to drop below 100 lbs., she insists she doesn’t have an eating disorder.

“I’m very confident we can help,” says Mike Gurr, Executive Director of the Meadows Ranch, after listening to Maddie’s story. The residential treatment center specializes in treating disordered eating patterns and trauma along with co-occurring disorders, such as chronic anxiety and depression in women.

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Will Maddie agree to talk with Mike about what The Meadows Ranch can offer her?

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