Ivey has been escorting for two years. She claims when her mom found out about her profession, she put her things on the porch and told her she had to leave – without her son. Since then, Ivey has moved from house to house and stayed in various hotels where she meets her clients, and her mom has been raising her 4-year-old, whom she says “means everything” to her.

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“He needs me in his life way more than I’ve been,” Ivey tells Dr. Phil on Monday’s episode. “I’m willing to do anything so I can be the best mom I can be for him.”

“Well, that begins with being present, because you can’t parent a child without being there,” Dr. Phil tells Ivey. “I would rather have you working with an exciting career in the fast food industry and living in a shelter with your son than I would have you hooking and him being raised by somebody else. Because all your son knows is whether he can fall asleep at night or take a nap in the afternoon laying his head on your chest. That’s what he knows. He doesn’t know whether he’s in a 10,000 ft. penthouse or a bunk in the corner of a shelter. What he knows is home is where his mother is, and his mother is not there.”

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