Matt claims he was falsely accused and wrongly convicted of groping his ex-wife’s younger sister in 2010. He says he served just two months in jail, but now he’s a registered sex offender – for life. He vigorously denies molesting his former sister-in-law and claims his ex and her mother had a “vendetta” against him and put the girl – who was just 14 at the time - up to it.

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“He’s lying. I’m willing to take a polygraph to prove that,” says the young woman who is now an adult. She maintains her allegations that Matt sexually abused her as a teenager.

Anne – the mother of Matt’s current girlfriend, Sara, asks some weighty questions of his accuser. She says if Matt isn’t cleared, and Sara moves forward with her plans to live with Matt, she’ll file for custody of Sara’s 2-year-old daughter.

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'If I’m Wrong Then It Will Be Completely Over…' Says The Girlfriend Of Convicted Sex Offender Who Claims He’s Innocent