Zack and Spring’s son, Mason, was murdered in August 2014, two days before what would have been his seventh birthday.

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“I know that Mason’s death was premeditated,” claims Spring, adding, “I don’t ‘believe’ that it was – I know that it was.”

WATCH ‘She Wanted Me For Herself,’ Claims Man Whose Mother Murdered His Son

Zack’s mother, Martha, killed the child while she was babysitting him and his older brother, Aden, in the couple’s home.

“Since Mason died, it’s just broke our family,” says Zack, adding, “In one second, I lost my mom, my child, my house – everything.”

Zack says he’s never recovered from Mason’s death. He admits he has a history with substance abuse and after several years of sobriety, recently relapsed.

Why does he say that he and Spring are currently separated?

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