In 1997, Amanda’s parents, Justine and Jim, were convicted and sentenced to 20 years in prison for sexually assaulting and exploiting her. The abuse began when Amanda was 11 and continued until police rescued her at age 13.

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In the video above, Amanda says her life continued to spiral out of control even after her parents went to jail. She says she started using drugs, drank to be numb, and began having sex with random men. “Being sexually abused as a child has affected every aspect of my life,” says Amanda. “I actually became a topless dancer.”

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Then there was “Nicole,” the alter-ego Amanda says she developed to protect her from the things she did. “Whenever Nicole would take over, it was like blacking out.”

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Tune in to Dr. Phil on Thursday, when, with his help, Amanda confronts her abusers, talks about her dual life as “Nicole” and discusses multiple suicide attempts. While Jim claims he was ignorant of the effect of what he was doing to Amanda, Dr. Phil doesn’t hold back with his thoughts about what he calls Jim’s excuses and continued attempts to exploit Amanda.

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