Melissa says her daughter, Destoni, is aggressive, violent and a bully. She says the 14-year-old talks back, uses disrespectful language and scares her younger sisters.

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When Dr. Phil learns that Destoni’s behavior took a turn for the worse shortly after she started kindergarten and that Melissa did not stop it, he reminds her that it’s much harder to change a child’s behavior once he or she gets older, bigger and stronger.

Melissa’s mother, Michelle, says that her daughter has given in to her granddaughter in order to keep the peace in the house.

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Dr. Phil says that is not an option. “You never give in,” Dr. Phil tells the women. “You have her on an intermittent reinforcement schedule which means inconsistent parenting creates the most resistant behavior that you could possibly have. You have created the worst situation possible.”

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On Monday’s episode, hear from Destoni and see how she behaves on Dr. Phil’s stage. And on Tuesday, Destoni comes face to face with a group of her peers. Plus, will she take Dr. Phil’s help? Check here to see where you can watch.

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