When Mark Anthony and Marina first came to see Dr. Phil, they said they met in Las Vegas in late 2019 and got engaged after dating in person for just over a month. The pair were supposed to get married on Marina’s birthday in May 2020, but Mark Anthony said they’d had an argument in January that put their nuptials on hold.

“I said, ‘Go to Hell,’ and the next thing you know – she’s not only leaving my apartment, she’s leaving the country,” he said.

Marina claimed that Mark Anthony became “verbally aggressive” with her during the argument, “So I left and went back to Russia.”

Soon after Marina returned to Moscow, the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and the couple found themselves unable to be together. However, Marina said at the time that the pandemic wasn’t the only thing keeping them apart.

Watch the video above for a recap of Mark Anthony and Marina’s first Dr. Phil appearance, “Should I Marry My Russian Bride-To-Be?", then tune in to Wednesday’s episode, “Will He Remarry His Russian Bride?” to find out what happened since they were on the program and why they’ve come back to see Dr. Phil.

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