Do student-athletes get a pass when it comes to their behavior?

“Athletes are above the rules,” says ESPN investigative reporter Paula Lavigne. She claims that law enforcement, coaches, fans, and others enable student-athletes by demonstrating that the rules don’t apply to them.

“It can start with getting a pass on an academic problem, or drug testing, or getting the cops to look the other way at a bar fight,” Lavigne continues. She asserts that often when student-athletes find themselves in trouble, their colleges or universities will intervene by sending in a “fixer” to solve the problem at hand as well as protect the reputations of their players, their sports programs, and the schools themselves.

Watch the video above to hear Lavigne discuss her investigation into Baylor University and the years-long coverup that exploded into a full-blown scandal when it was revealed university officials had failed to take action regarding alleged sexual assaults purportedly committed by student-athletes.

This episode of Dr. Phil, “Are Athletes Being Coached to Be Untouchable?” airs Monday. And on Tuesday’s conclusion, “Athletes Behaving Badly or Targets for False Accusations?” Hear from a young woman who claims a school counselor discouraged her from reporting that she was sexually assaulted by three members of her school’s basketball team.

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