“Lindolfo Thibes is the most pure evil man I have ever met in my life,” says investigator Rick Carr. “I would describe Lindolfo Thibes as an evil, sociopath narcissist.”

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Carr was the lead investigator on a case against Thibes in which Thibes was accused of sexually and physically abusing his daughter, Tatiana, from ages 6-25 and impregnating her four times.

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“This had to be the most extreme case of sexual abuse that I’ve ever investigated,” Carr says. “Talking with Lindolfo was like looking at the devil. He looked right through me, rage and hatred coming from his eyes … Lindolfo told me that he was going to kill me and kill her as soon as he got out because we were ruining his life.”

Hear more from Carr in the video above from Friday’s episode of Dr. Phil.

And on Friday, hear Tatiana’s harrowing tale of survival. Check here to see where you can watch.

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