Michelle, a mom of three, says that after her divorce six years ago, she felt abandoned by her children, so she turned to drinking and partying to cope with her loneliness. She admits that her love of whiskey has resulted in two DUIs and a horrific car crash that nearly killed her.

Her daughter, Courtney, claims her mom has basically abandoned her and her two siblings for the single lifestyle.

Is Michelle ready to change her behavior?

“You seem to be more interested in defending what you’re doing than changing what you’re doing,” Dr. Phil says to her in the video above, as he lists some of the excuses Michelle has given for her behavior. “You said, ‘I’m not sure why they have the opinion of me being a party girl.’ Maybe it’s because you’re a party girl!”

Dr. Phil also reviews what the family has said is Michelle’s pattern of behavior with alcohol. “I’m telling you what their perception is,” he says to Michelle, as she tries to defend her behavior.

“None of that matters. It’s all enough to drive anybody crazy,” Michelle says on the brink of tears. “I own that, and that’s why I’m here.”

“And that’s why I’m here,” Courtney tells her mother, wiping away tears. “You, right now, are not my mom, and I want my mom back.”

Will Michelle take the help Dr. Phil offers? This episode of Dr. Phil airs Thursday. Check here to see where you can watch.