Bailey says when he met his girlfriend, Harley, three years ago, his life began to turn around. But Bailey, who is a quadriplegic, says that once Harley became his full-time caregiver, their relationship started to fall apart. Bailey says he feels like a burden to those around him and wonders if it would be better if he just moved into a nursing home and died.

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The couple turned to Dr. Phil for help to save their relationship.

“What I get, at this point, is that you are very angry, that you are very frustrated and that you absolutely hate being a burden on the people in your life,” Dr. Phil says to Bailey.

“Yes, sir,” Bailey replies.

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“Then don’t ever tell me again,” Dr. Phil says, explaining that it’s now time to work on changing his attitude and relationship.

In the video above, Dr. Phil explains why he believes Bailey acts the way he does. Does Bailey agree? And on Tuesday’s episode, hear how Harley feels about the relationship. Is there hope for this couple? Check here to see where you can watch.

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'You Can Be His Caregiver, Or You Can Be His Lover; You Can’t Be Both,' Dr. Phil Tells Guest